Eric Gerets Ziek:- Eric Gerets was born on May 18th, 1954 in the municipality of Rekem, which is located in Belgium. When he was playing football, he was almost exclusively a right-back. Gerets was a defender who also had several offensive qualities. He possessed excellent stamina as well as tactical discipline, guts, and mental fortitude. The long throw that Gerets possessed was an additional weapon in his arsenal.

Eric Gerets Ziek
Eric Gerets Ziek

Gerets was also known as “The Lion” (of Flanders), which was a moniker given to him as a result of his combative nature as well as his dark mane and beard. At the height of his career, Gerets was widely considered to be one of the most accomplished right-backs in all of Europe and one of the best players in the annals of Belgian football history. You can find the tale behind this legendary PSV player right here.

In the beginning, Gerets was only an amateur football player at AA Rekem. When he was a young student at AA Rekem, he participated in the youth program, and the staff there took note of the outstanding talents he possessed. The next stage for Gerets, which takes place in 1971 when he is 17 years old, is to enroll at Standard Liège. When Gerets finally does sign with Standard Liège, it will be some time before he is integrated into the starting lineup at the base.

Gerets was frequently overshadowed by the likes of Wilfried van More, Jean Thissen, and goalkeeper Christian Piot, who were the leading performers for Belgium. Gerets gets his first taste of game action towards the close of the 1971-1972 campaign for Standard Liège, which is coached by René Hauss.

In Gerets’ second year at Standard Liège (1972–1973), the team made it all the way to the final of the Belgian Cup. The Gerets is given a starting position in the final match against RSC Anderlecht by the Croatian trainer, Vlatko Markov. The final score was 2-1 in favor of the club from Brussels.

The next year, Gerets finally makes his mark at Standard Liège, becoming one of the team’s top players. Gerets replaced Jacques Beurlet in the starting lineup for Normal Liège’s first team as the standard right back. After that, Standard Liège became one of the best teams in Belgium and has remained there ever since.

Standard Luik was unable to come out on top against RSC Anderlecht and Club Brugge in the competition for the national championship. In 1975, Standard Liège was victorious in the competition for the Liga Cup. After 1975, the competition known as the Liga Cup would end.

In 1986, the competition formerly known as the Liga Cup made its debut under the new moniker of the Callebaut Cup. After that, there was a hiatus of more than a decade before the next competition.In 1998, the Ligabeker was resurrected as the Nissan Cup. However, after three seasons, the competition was unsuccessful once again because of a lack of enthusiasm from supporters as well as because the organization was unable to come to an agreement on television revenues.

Eric Gerets doesn’t have it easy because of his health problems, but the former football player is still living his life to the fullest despite this.”It’s astonishing to think that after having a brain hemorrhage in 2012, I was able to continue working without serious issues all the way up until 2015.

However, ever since I quit because the symptoms were intolerable, the situation has only gotten worse, “Gerets explains to Het Nieuwsblad. “These days, I make a lot of sliding tackles when I’m not in possession of the ball. I’m constantly falling flat on my face.

Gerets has a tough time coming to terms with the fact that his disability causes him to face practical challenges. “Within my brain, there are quite a few regions that receive very little or no blood flow at all. That is not a positive thing. As a direct consequence of this, I frequently have feelings of lightheadedness.

My blood pressure swings all over the place. Every day, I have to swallow five medicines. Medications to thin the blood, pills to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, etc. They have the effect of keeping the blood pressure the same, but they are of no other use. That feeling of lightheadedness continues. “

The actions of Gilbert Bodart have finally reached a breaking point for Eric Gerets and his wife, Virginie Neural. Gerets has taken the additional step of making a formal complaint against the former goalkeeper at Standard and the Red Devils, who was also a former teammate. And these are serious allegations, including threats to one’s life.

Eric Gerets stated that Gilbert Bodart had sent him multiple death threats on multiple occasions. In the end, he was unable to get over the fact that Gerets had begun a relationship with Virginie Neural, who had previously been the goalkeeper’s girlfriend. People think that the fight started when Bodart tried to get custody of his son from his ex-girlfriend.

According to what Eric Gerets said to La Dernière Heure, “He threatened me multiple times.” When Virginie still lived in Oupeye, I remember him chasing after my car one time, and the cops had to step in to stop him. After that, he stated that we would run into each other once more.

Another time, he threatened to kill both of us by putting his finger on my forehead in the position of a gun and saying that he was going to pull the trigger. He broke the rules of the deal, so I have no choice but to file a formal complaint against him.

Even though I am aware that this will come as a surprise to everyone in Liège, I do not feel afraid. Gerets stated that everyone would perish, but it would not be due to Bodart or an Albanian, as he had previously warned me.

In 2012, Eric Gerets had a cerebral hemorrhage due to an accident. The body of the former successful coach, who previously worked for Lierse, Club Brugge, PSV, and Marseille, has been giving him a lot of trouble recently. He is having a hard time with it.

A cerebral hemorrhage struck Gerets in the year 2012, while he was working in Qatar as the trainer of Lekhwiya. Within the context of an interview with Ouest-France, he sighs and says, “The hardest thing is that the body no longer follows.” I have difficulty maintaining my balance, and as a result, I fall down multiple times each day. When I fall flat on my face ten times in a single day, I start to question why I’m even here. But I’m still alive! “

He is now spending his retirement on the farm he owns in Bourse. In that article, the winner of the Golden Shoe in 1982 reflected on his time spent with Marseille. “I have never been happier than I was in Marseille; I felt like a fish in water the whole time I was there.”

After you have worked in Marseille, the city and the team will always have a special place in your heart and mind. This will be the case regardless of where you go or what you do. “There is nothing that can be done to change the situation.

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Gilbert Bodart, on the other hand, does not appear to be impressed. In the short story “La Dernière Heure,” the protagonist’s response to the allegations is “I have nothing to say.” “You can write about what she told you, and that will bring in money for me. Justice exists for fanatics who just make things up. My attorney is working on it at the moment.

However, Gerets does not give up and instead looks to the future. “If you are forced to live in constant terror, then your life has lost all of its significance.” And I indulge in too much life. Therefore, I don’t give that any thought at all.

Eric Gerets Ziek

I really hope there is some sort of lull in activity currently. It continues to get worse. If it gets worse, it will be Because we are still here and the weather is pleasant, you should rejoice together with us. I am still taking complete and utter pleasure in it. “

me meerdere keren.” Toen Virginie nog in Oupeye woonde, herinner ik me dat hij een keer achter mijn auto aanzat, en de politie moest ingrijpen om hem te stoppen. Daarna verklaarde hij dat we elkaar nog een keer zouden tegenkomen.

Een andere keer dreigde hij ons allebei te vermoorden door zijn vinger op mijn voorhoofd te leggen in de positie van een pistool en te zeggen dat hij de trekker over zou halen. Hij brak de regels van de deal, dus ik heb geen andere keuze dan een formele klacht tegen hem in te dienen.

Hoewel ik me ervan bewust ben dat dit voor iedereen in Luik als een verrassing zal komen, ben ik niet bang. Gerets verklaarde dat iedereen zou omkomen, maar dat het niet aan Bodart of een Albanees zou liggen, zoals hij me eerder had gewaarschuwd.

In 2012 kreeg Eric Gerets door een ongeval een hersenbloeding. Het lichaam van de voormalige succesvolle coach, die eerder werkte voor Lierse, Club Brugge, PSV en Marseille, bezorgt hem de laatste tijd heel wat problemen. Hij heeft het er moeilijk mee.

Een hersenbloeding trof Gerets in het jaar 2012, toen hij in Qatar aan het werk was als trainer van Lekhwiya. In het kader van een interview met Ouest-France zucht hij en zegt: “Het moeilijkste is dat het lichaam niet meer volgt.” Ik heb moeite om mijn evenwicht te bewaren en als gevolg daarvan val ik meerdere keren per dag. Als ik op één dag tien keer plat op mijn gezicht val, begin ik me af te vragen waarom ik hier nog ben. Maar ik leef nog! “

Nu brengt hij zijn pensioen door op de boerderij die hij bezit in Boorsem. In dat artikel blikt de winnaar van de Gouden Schoen in 1982 terug op zijn tijd bij Marseille. “Ik ben nog nooit zo gelukkig geweest als in Marseille; ik voelde me de hele tijd als een vis in het water.”

Nadat je in Marseille hebt gewerkt, zullen de stad en het team altijd een speciaal plekje in je hart en geest hebben. Dit zal het geval zijn, ongeacht waar u heen gaat of wat u doet. “Er is niets dat kan worden gedaan om de situatie te veranderen.

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Gilbert Bodart daarentegen lijkt niet onder de indruk. In het korte verhaal “La Dernière Heure” is de reactie van de hoofdpersoon op de beschuldigingen: “Ik heb niets te zeggen.” “Je kunt schrijven over wat ze je heeft verteld, en dat zal me geld opleveren. Er bestaat gerechtigheid voor fanatici die maar dingen verzinnen. Mijn advocaat is er op dit moment mee bezig.

Gerets geeft echter niet op en kijkt naar de toekomst. “Als je gedwongen wordt om in constante angst te leven, dan heeft je leven al zijn betekenis verloren.” En ik geniet te veel van het leven. Daarom denk ik daar helemaal niet over na.

Eric Gerets Ziek
Eric Gerets Ziek

Ik hoop echt dat er momenteel een soort van rust in de activiteit is. Het wordt steeds erger. Als het erger wordt, zal het zo zijn. Omdat we er nog zijn en het weer aangenaam is, zou je je samen met ons moeten verheugen. Ik heb er nog steeds volledig en vol plezier in. “