Super Potty Trainer Net Worth

Super Potty Trainer Net Worth:- Judy Abrahams and her colleague, Chris Guerrera, from New Hampshire, used ‘Shark Tank’ to bring their company ideas and companies to a panel of influential industry leaders to discuss with the meeting of industry moguls in ‘Shark Tank’ season 12, episode 25. They’re attempting to get funding via Sharks, which only focuses on making money through their Super Potty Trainer product.

Super Potty Trainer Net Worth
Super Potty Trainer Net Worth

Christopher Guerrera and Judy Abrahams developed an outstanding Super Potty Trainer. Still, the partners are known for making it big in the industry; they ended up having a falling out when they wanted a 10% cut of $300,000 in profit.

Who are Super Potty Trainers?

Many children, in particular, enjoyed the Potty Trainer, a device invented exclusively by our contestants. For that reason, we investigated thoroughly and got all the info about Super Potty Trainer that we could use! A big part of what makes “Shark Tank” effective is successfully selling products. But, you need good sales numbers, comprehensive data, and a strategy already planned out. Otherwise, you’ll be a sitting duck.

Where Are They Now

Judy Abrahams, an expert on bathroom matters, teamed up with Christopher Guerrera to invent the Super Potty Trainers. Judy’s degree is in law, and she graduated. Chris runs PACE Venture Capital, a company that is known for supporting tech start-ups. It allows entrepreneurs to fund themselves. They’re both engaged in the business, with the internet and Amazon being the primary distribution points.

It was so bad; that she built a toilet-specific rear seat modification to support her weight. To guarantee her daughter’s and other children’s comfort and safety, Judy was delighted, and that is when she started experimenting with a cardboard box prototype and founded I Got Your Back Baby.

Super Potty Trainer Net Worth
Super Potty Trainer Net Worth

What Do They Do

Once she was done with the patents, she found a U.S. manufacturer and started marketing the product. Most of the 400 designs she produced were put up for sale on Amazon, and the positive ratings mirrored the ones she’d given her relatives and friends.

Super Potty Net Worth

The Super Toilet Trainer was a project that Judy Abrahams and Chris Guerrera undertook to help their daughter Hayat complete potty training since she just wasn’t ready yet. As with many kids, Judy’s daughter was scared of being sent to the institution and desperately tried to avoid it.

After this incident, Judy had such a difficult time $300,000 in profit emotionally that she quit her paralegal job to remain at home and think of some ludicrous solution. She concluded that she must be alone in her travails.